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Water Supply Permit

November 9, 2017 – After two years of fine tuning and aggressive monitoring, St. Francis Retreat has been granted an official permit for our water treatment and distribution system.  This water treatment system has been proven to safely filter our well water and prevent bacteria and disease causing oocytes from contaminating our drinking water supply.  We have proven that we can continually meet all state and federal requirements for providing safe drinking water.

In the process, we have also greatly reduced the iron and manganese content of our drinking water, and been able to reduce the amount of chlorine residual in the water supply.  Both of these changes have improved the taste of the water as well.

We are most grateful to the estate of Bill and Isabel Lauderdale for the bulk of the funds necessary to complete this $300,000 project.   Our regular donors also contributed to the completion of this necessary project.

If you have any questions about the water system, please feel free to contact our California certified Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution Operator, Ed DeGroot.  He can be reached at the retreat center Monday-Friday: 831-623-4234.

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